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Today Could Be Greinke Day

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It's the Giants or the Dodgers, according to multiple reports. The cynic in me says Zack Greinke is strumming the Giants' strings just to extract as much cash as possible from L.A. The cynic in you might be saying this, too.

These things tend to build into their own weird alternate-reality momentum. Greinke.... Greinke?.... Greinke..... Greinke!?.... Greinke!!.... GREINKE! But if the Giants do get him, there will be more than a moment, when the adrenaline fades and the rabid 24/7 coverage moves on to the next developing situation, of this:

You see, Dustin Hoffman is Bobby Evans, and he's just snatched Greinke, played by the lovely Katherine Ross, away from some douchebag guy, played by Steve Garvey and Yasiel Puig, and locked the onlookers in the church, leaving them to writhe and moan and bang on the glass doors, trapped in a hell of their own making like some Hieronymous Bosch painting set in Chavez Ravine -- wow, this analogy fits a bit too perfectly, eh?

Then they get on a Santa Barbara Municipal Bus -- heading north, no doubt! -- run to the back, giggle, and then, well, Simon and Garfunkel start singing. Uh-oh.

I'm not sure who plays Mrs. Robinson in all this.

The point is, though, $30-some-odd-million per year for an elite pitcher is the going rate, and the Giants can afford it, and it'll be sweet that they've gotten that elite pitcher on their team while trolling the crap outta the Dodgers. But Larry Baer said it himself a few weeks ago:

"We've got to look at it as 2016 and whatever the commitment is beyond that. We've got to be smart about it because we don't want to wake up in 2018 and say now our hands are tied because we did the $30 million deal to make us feel good in 2016."

I'm hoping the Giants get Greinke, but I'm also hoping that's not the Giants on the back of the bus, 2016, 2017, perhaps 2018 fading from view, wondering what all that fuss in December 2015 was about. 

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