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Life Without Sergio Romo

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Remember that fun number about the Giants Peter Gammons loved to trot out? As a sign of their success and consistency, he used to note how few meaningless games the Giants had played in the Brian Sabean era, the drips and drabs of a season here and there. It was a small number. Even in years they didn't make the playoffs, the Giants weren't mathematically eliminated until the bitter end.

Here's a spiritual soulmate of that number: Since June 26, 2008, the day Sergio Romo made his major league debut, the Giants have played only 60 games without him on the active roster. He's been on the DL twice, to start 2009 and for a minimum stint in 2011. (Giants record in those games: 29-31.) That's 60 out of 1,391 games.

Every April through September -- or October -- he's been there, even when he doesn't get into the game. You know that feeling of going to work and knowing your blankie is waiting for you at home? All is right in the world? Of course you do. Now your blankie is going to be at the cleaners for a good long while.

So this is weird, and not in a good way. I blame the creepy car commercial he filmed with his son, who never looks up from his technological brainwashing device. It's strangely inappropriate, and now Romo's elbow, which at times requires a little extra rest, is barking. Specifically, his flexor tendon is twanging, which makes for much speculation how long he'll be out. Seems like at least a month, since he won't throw a ball for a minimum of two weeks.

It's a good time to wax nostalgic -- or just plain wax if you have some manscaping or ladyscaping to do -- about our luck as Giants fans. We not only get to gush about how damn good the team is, but we get all misty-eyed over middle relievers. Those guys usually don't hang around long enough. Luke Gregerson was in San Diego for just about forever, right? Nope. Five years.

Challenge! Someone find me a middle reliever who has more tenure with one team post-2000 than Romo.

Challenge! Someone find me a relief pitcher since 1901 who has thrown more than 200 innings, struck out more than 10 batters per 9 innings, allowed fewer than one home run per 9 innings, and has K'd at least five times as many batters as he has walked. Never mind. I found the only one.

Funky-ass Derek Law, called up today to take Romo's roster spot, might be fun to watch. But he won't be bringing El Mechon. Get well soon, Sergio.

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